Mesudiye was built as an ironclad at Thames Iron Works in England, and was launched in 1874, She was later modernized as a pre-dreadnought class, and saw action in both Balkan wars in 1912 and 1913. In September 1914 she was assigned minor tasks to protect the mine fields and act as a guard boat at the entrance to the Dardanelles. Despite protests from both Captain Besiktasli Arif Nebi and other officers, they had to follow orders and set sail. 13. December 1914 the British submarine B-11 sailed towards Dardanelles, and spotted the old and obsolete Mesudiye at Nara in the narrows. From 750 meter she launched a torpedo which hit her in the stern section. Ten minutes later she capsized and sank in shallow waters. 37 men of the crew lost their lives in the sinking. The wreck was later largely scrapped on site, and it's not much left of this historic navy vessel. Some scattered remains of her rest today on a depth of 12 to 28 meter outside Canakkale.

Former names:

331,5 x 59,0 x 25,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
8938 grt London ( UK ) 1874 Canakkale ( TR )

Picture: Mesudiye outside Constantinople in 1910
Charles Chusseau Flaviens, Public domain

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