MZ- Motozattara


The wreck of an Italian Motozattara naval landing craft of the type Classe Belle MZ from the second world war rest at Strogoli outside the Greek island of Leros. After Italy surrendered in 1943, there was still a garrison left on the island consisting of 4.Squadriglia Cacciatorpediniere with one destroyer, eleven minesweepers and nice small boats. Since it was uncertain if the Italian forces could be relied on the Germans wished to secure the island. That was also what the Allied thought and under the following battles in September and October 1943 this vessel was sunk. One Italian MFP ( Marinefahrpram ) is reported sunk 3.October 1943.  Exact identity has not been verified but the historical sources point to the conclusion this that named vessel. The wreck rest in two separate parts on a depth of 15 to 30 meter.

Former names:
MZ - Motozattara

47,0 x 6,5 x 1,5 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
239 displ Palermo ( IT ) 1942
( IT )

Picture: German Marine Fahrpram type A
Similar to the Italian Motozattara design
Bundearchiv Bild 101II-M2KBK
Underwater Video

Picture: MTC1005 after second world war, former MZ boat

"Italy secured in 1941 the design for the German Marine Fahrpram type A to increase its ability to transport troops. These boats were named Motozattara or MZ for short and numbered from 700. They were built mostly in Palermo in 1942-1943. Class name: Classe Belle MZ"