P 29 - Boltenhagen


The minesweeper P 29 was sunk as an artificial reef and dive site outside Malta in 2007. She was a former East German minesweeper of the Condor I class, as NATO classified them, and she had served for the DDR navy until 1996. The year after she was sold to Malta and used as a patrol boat in the Maltese navy. In 2004 she was stricken from the navy lists and sold to the tourist industry. She was stripped of her engine and other mechanical parts and scuttled 13.August 2007 outside Corkewwa. The wreck rest today on a depth of 14 to 33 meter right outside the Cirkewwa ferry terminal.

Former names:
P 29
Boltenhagen BG 31
52,0 x 7,1 x 2,4 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
339 displ
Wolgast ( DDR ) 1970
Valetta ( MT )

35.9885° N 14.3261° E
( Source: Malta Dives )

Picture: Eisleben
Sistership of Boltenhagen
Wikiwand, Public domain