HMS Perseus


The British submarine HMS Perseus was transferred to the 1st Submarine Flotilla in Alexandria after being stationed in Hong Kong and the 4th Submarine Flotilla for several years. 26. November 1941 she sailed from Malta with orders to patrol the waters around Greece. She sunk one Italian ship before she herself disappeared in the deep outside Cephalonia 6.December 1941. Its believed that she run into an Italian mine, and only one man survived the sinking. The wreck of HMS Perseus was found in 1997 on a depth of 51 meter approx seven nautical miles north of the island Zakynthos.

Former names:
HMS Perseus
260,0 x 28,0 x 13,8 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1474 displ ( surfaced ) Barrow in Furness ( UK ) 1929 Alexandria ( EG )

N 37° 54'  E 20° 54'
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Picture : HMS Perseus in 1929
Courtesy of Royal Navy
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