SMS Prinz Eugen


SMS Prinz Eugen was a Tegetthoff class dreadnought laid down by Stabilimento Tecnico Triestino in Trieste in January 1912. She was launched in November 1912 for the Austro Hungarian navy, and was commissioned in July 1914. After the outbreak of First World War she remained in harbor due to lack of coal and the Entente naval blockade at Ontranto. The only combat action she ever saw was the bombardment of installations around Ancona after Italy had joined the war in 1915. Under the treaty of Saint-German-en-Laye in 1919, it was decided that she should be turned over to France. She was handed over in 1920 and sailed to Toulon where the gun turrets were dismantled. 28.June 1922 she was used as a target for aerial bombs and sunk by the big guns of the battle ships in the French Navy. The wreck has not been found, and several historical sources state she was sunk "near Toulon", while one source state she was sunk in the Atlantic...

Former names:
SMS Prinz Eugen

498,8 x 91,6 x 28,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
21254 displ ( std )
Trieste ( AH ) 1914
Pola ( AH )

Pictures: SMS Prinz Eugen in 1914
Courtesy of Naval History and Heritage Command

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