HMS Quail


HMS Quail was a Q class destroyer laid down by Hawthorn Leslie & Company in Hebburn in September 1940. She was launched in June 1942 and was commissioned seven months later. She was assigned to Home Fleet in Scapa Flow and took part as an escort in two convoys. In August and September 1943 she participated in operations in the Adriatic Sea and Mediterranean. She was transferred to Bari in October 1943, and under a patrol she hit a mine 15. November laid out by the German uboat U-453. Quail was beached nearby and later towed to Bari, then Taranot for repairs. It was deceided to tow her to Malta, and under tow  she capsized and sank 18. May 1944. The wreck was found by the Italian technical diver Claudia Serpieri in June 2002. The wreck rest today on a depth of 90 meter in the gulf of Taranto.

Former names:
HMS Quail
109,2 x 10,9 x 2,9 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1692 displ ( std )
Hebburn ( UK ) 1942
Bari ( IT)

40.05N, 17.52E
( Source: Naval History )

Picture: HMS Quail - G45
Courtesy of Imperial War Museum, Photo FL17782

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