RM Roma


The battleship Roma was built to strengthen the Italian navy, Regia Marina, and was the second in line of the Vitterio Veneto class. Due to shortage of fuel, she was used to boost the air defenses in Italian cities, and was damaged under two Allied air raids in 1943. After repairs she was in September 1943 ordered to participate in an attack against Allied forces at Salerno. While at sea the armistice between Italy and the Allies was signed and the new orders was to sail to Malta and surrender. German airplanes from Kampgeschwader 100 spotted her in the afternoon 9.September 1943, and after two attacks with radio guided bombs ( "Fritz X" ) she was sunk together with 1352 men from her crew. The wreck was found in 2012 on a depth of 950 meter approximately 16 nautical miles north of Sardinia.

Former names:
RM Roma

789,6 x 107,7 x 31,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
46215 displ Trieste ( IT ) 1940 La Spezia ( IT )

Picture: Battleship RM Roma ( Regia Marina )
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