The steamship Rosslyn was built in Howdon in England and launched in 1902. Another freighter with a pretty straightforward career with little events worthy of any notice. Until after the outbreak of world war one. She was then equipped with a cannon to protect her against hostile ships and uboats, but bad weather,thats a bit difficult to protect against. While she laid at anchor outside Gibraltar 27.February 1916, she drifted under a gale and hit the newly built Southern Mole in the harbor. She sank the following day and is today a popular dive attraction. The remains of her rest today on a depth of 22 meter.

Former names:

340,0 x 48,0 x 24,2 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3679 grt
Howdon ( UK ) 1902
Cardiff ( UK )

36.07.794’N 005.21.691W
( Source: Dive Buddy )

Picture: Rosslyn
Courtesy of Jim Ross

"The Cardiff steamer Rosslyn, of 3,679 tons gross, in ballast, dragged her anchor on Monday afternoon and was driven by the South-West gale on to the new Mole Breakwater. The dangerous plight of the vessel was at once seen and two Government Tugs immediately went to her assistance and made several attempts to tow her off, but as the gale was increasing every moment, after taking off the crew, they gave up their efforts and brought the men safely to harbour"

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