HMS Russell


HMS Russell was a Duncan class pre-dreadnought battleship launched in February 1910 for Royal Navy. She entered service in 1913 and after the outbreak of world war one she sailed for Grand Fleet. She participated in the bombardment of the Belgian city of Zeebrugge and in 1915 she was sent to the Mediterranean to support the Entente operations in the Dardanelles. 27.April 1916 she hit two mines laid out by the German uboat SM U-73 under command of Gustav Sieß. She caught fire and after an explosion at one of the gun turrets she started to sink. The wreck was found in 2003 and she rest today on a depth of 115 meter approx six kilometers west of Malta.

Former names:
HMS Russell

432,0 x 75,6 x 25,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
15400 displ ( fully loaded )
Jarrow ( UK ) 11901
( UK )

35.9000°N 14.7000°E
  ( Source: Malta Dives )

Picture: HMS Russell on sea trials in 1902
Wikimedia, Public domain

Picture: Gustav Sieß
Commander on SM U 73

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