Scire was an Italian Adua class submarine built for Regia Marina in 1938. After Italy joined the Axis and the war in June 1940, she completed a raid against Allied shipping and sunk one ship. She was thereafter modified to use a new type of torpedoes, and stood ready for service in September 1940. Several operations were launched against Gibraltar and Alexandria without much success. In 1941 she was modified again and also outfitted with camouflage. In July 1942 she received orders to sail for Haifa and attack the harbor. Outside Haifa she was spotted 10. August 1942 by the British auxuliary trawler HMS Islay who sunk her after a shot engagement. The wreck was found in 1960 and some salvaging was done on the wreck site. Artifacts from the wreck is today exhibited at the Italian Navy museum Marina Militare in La Spezia. The wreck of Scirè rest today in two parts on a depth of 28 to 32 meter in the bay of Haifa.

Former names:
RM Scirè

61,0 x 6,5 x 4,7 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
623 displ ( surfaced )
Genoa ( IT ) 1938
La Spezia ( IT )

33°0′10″N 34°0′12″E
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Picture: RM Scirè in 1938
Courtesy of Minestero della Difesa

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