HMS Stubborn


HMS Stubborn was a H class submarine laid down by Camell Laird & Company in Birkenhead in September 1941. She was in November 1942 and commissioned three months later. During Second World War she served in several theaters of war around the world. She took part in one of the many attacks on the German battleship Tirpitz who laid at anchor in Norway in 1944. She was also subject for one of the most ferocious depth charge attacks during the war, but managed to escape from the hostile vessels. In 1946 she was stricken from the Navy lists and assigned to be used as a target for ASDIC training. She was scuttled outside Qawra reef 30. April 1946, and rest today standing on her keel on a depth of 45 to 55 meter, 1,5 nautical mile outside St. Paul's Bay.

Former names:
HMS Stubborn
P 238
217,0 x 23,6 x 11,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
872 displ ( surfaced ) Birkenhead ( UK ) 1942 Malta ( MT )

35.9825° N 14.4460° E
( Source: Malta Dives )

Picture: HMS Stubborn
Courtesy of Imperial War Museum
8308-29, Public domain

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