SMS Szent Istvan

Croatia,Adriatic Sea

Szent Istvan was a Tegetthoff class dreadnought laid down at Ganz Danubius January 1912 for the Austria Hungarian Navy. She was launched in January 1914 and commissioned in December 1915.  She didn't see much action due to the Entente Naval blockade between Brindisi and Corfu and due to the shortages of coal. In June 1918 it was decided to break through this blockade with all four battleships in the navy. But the plan was cancelled after both she and her sister ship Tegetthoff was attacked early in the morning 10. June 1918. They were eengaged by the Italian motor torpedo boats MAS 15 and MAS 21 and SMS Tegetthoff avoided the assault and got away. But Szent Istvan was hit by two torpedoes from MAS 15, and she capsized and sank four hours later outside the island of Premuda. The sinking was the first ever filmed warship being sunk, and the movie clip of her sinking has been seen by countless people. The wreck rest today upside down in two parts on a depth of 65 meter. Artifacts raised from the wreck are exhibited at the Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria in Pola.

Former names:
SMS Szent Istvan

499,3 x 91,1 x 28,3 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
20008 displ ( std ) Fiume ( AH ) 1914 Pola ( AH )

44°12'07.0"N 14°27'05.0"E
Last updated: March 2021