Croatia,Adriatic Sea

The destroyer Kawakaze - 江風 was laid down by Jarrow Shipbuilding  in Glasgow in 1913 for the Japanese Navy. Due to the outbreak of the Great War in August 1914 she got delayed. When Italy joined the war in 1915 they vwere in dire need of ships, and persuaded Japan to sell them the unfinished destroyer. In September 1916 she was launched as Intrepido for the Italian Navy, but shortly after the name was changed to Audace. In 1929 she was modified and classified as a torpedo boat, and in early 1940 the weapons were switched out with small caliber guns, and she was assigned as an escort boat in teh Adriatic Sea. In September 1943 Italy under Mussolini's rule had come to an end, and the Italian Navy surrendered to the Allies. Audace left Trieste 9. September to surrender to the Allies, but due to engine problems she had to sail for Venice where she was captured by the Germans. Kriegsmarine renamed her TA 20 and equipped her with new anti aircraft guns. 1. November 1944 she was sunk together with two corvettes by British naval forces near the island of Pag. The wreck was found by divers in 1999 and rest today on a depth of 72 to 78 meter.

Former names:
TA 20
Kawakaze - 江風
Intrepido, Audace
287,4 x 27,6 x 8,2 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1250 grt
Glasgow ( UK ) 1916
Trieste ( IT )

Picture: Audace
Wikimedia, Public domain

Last updated: December 2020