Ville de Valence was built as a combined sail and steamship, as was the norm at that time, by Robert Thompson & Sons Ltd in Sunderland and was launched in 1882. She sailed for a French company before she was sold in 1905 to Italy and renamed Amor. In 1912 she was bought by Societa Anonima Liva in Genoa and got the name Togo. Under a journey in convoy from Marseille to Villefrance 12,May 1918 she was torpedoed by the German uboat UC 35 under command of Oberlieutnant Hans Paul Korch. The wreck rest today, despite her old age, standing on her keel as an outstanding "Donald Duck" on a depth of 45 to 58 meter west of Pointe Dubreuil south of Saint Tropez.

Former names:
Ville de Valence, Amor
258,2 x 34,7 x 17,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1484 grt
Sunderland ( UK ) 1882
Genoa ( IT )

43° 10'N, 6° 36'E
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Picture: Togo
Courtesy of Francois Duvel

Picture: Hans Paul Korch
Commander of UC 35

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