Croatia,Adriatic Sea

The steamship Caraqua was laid down by Rijkee & Co in Rotterdam as yard number 94, and was launched in December 1899 for the company NV Koninklijke West Indische Maildienst. She changed owners several times during her career, and ended up in Italy ownership in 1930 under the name Totonno. In Second World War she was requisitioned by the Italian navy Regia Marina in June 1940. Under a journey to Dubrovnik loaded with tractors,machine parts and bicycles for the Italian troop in Albanias, she hit an Italian mine and sank after a navigational error outside the city of Dubrovnik 15. February 1943. The wreck rest today in two parts on a depth of 23 to 52 meter west of Dubrovnik near the island Grebeni.

Former names:
Curaqao,Achille Bayert,
Francesco Imparata
203,8 x 33,0 x 10,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
674 grt Rotterdam ( NL ) 1899 ( IT )

Picture: Curaqua
Courtesy of Kroonvarders

Last updated: March 2019