HMS Triumph


HMS Triumph was a dreadnought battleship launched in 1903 for Royal navy. She participated in the hunt for the German Kreuzergeschwader, the "cruiser fleet" loosely translated, in Asia after the outbreak of world war one. In November 1914  she was in engaged in operations against the German colony of Tsingtao in China. She sailed for Mediterranean 12.January 1915 to participate in Entente operations at the Dardanelles in Turkey. A few months later while she bombarded Ottoman forts 25.May 1915, she was torpedoed by the German submarine U-21 outside Gaba Tepe. Most of the crew was evacuated, but 78 men died in the sinking.The wreck rest today on a depth of 56 to 72 meter outside Cape Helles.

Former names:
HMS Triumph

475,3 x 71,1 x 27,4 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
12175 displ Newcastle ( UK ) 1903  ( UK )

Picture: HMS Triumph
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"The Swiftsure class was a group of two British pre-dreadnought battleships. Originally ordered by Chile during a period of high tension with Argentina, they were intended to defeat a pair of armored cruisers ordered by the latter country and were optimized for this role. This meant that they were smaller and more lightly armed than most battleships of the time. They were purchased by the United Kingdom in 1903 prior to their completion to prevent their purchase by the Russian Empire as tensions were rising between them and the Japanese Empire, a British ally. Completed the following year, Swiftsure and Triumph had roughly similar careers for the first decade of their service careers. They were initially assigned to the Home Fleet and Channel Fleets before being transferred to the Mediterranean Fleet in 1909. Both ships rejoined Home Fleet in 1912 and were transferred abroad in 1913. Triumph went to the China Station"