U 455


U 455 was a type VIIC uboat laid down at Deutsche Werke in Kiel in September 1940, and was launched in June 1941. She was commissioned two months later and assigned to 5. Unterseebootflotille for training. In January 1942 she was transferred to 7. Flotille in St.Nazaire, and in March 1944 to 29. Flottille in La Spezia in Italy. She did ten war patrols during her career and sunk three ships.  On her way back to base 5. April 1944, she hit a mine and sank with all hands lost outside Portofino. According to historical records, the Kriegsmarine administration forgot to update their own maps with the newly laid mines in the minefield called "Fussball Klub".  The wreck was found by divers in 2005 on a depth of 90 to 118 meter outside Portofino.

Former names:
U 455

265,5 x 35,5 x 16,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
769 displ ( surfaced ) Kiel ( D ) 1941 La Spezia ( I )

44.04 N, 09.51 E
( Source : uboat.net )

Picture: U 995 type VIIC/41
Courtesy of War Museum

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