UJ 2210 - Marcella


The French ocean going trawler Marcella was built by Ateliers et Chantiers de St.Nazaire and was launched in 1932. She was delivered to the French company Societe de Pecheries in 1933, and was sent fishing in the waters around Grenland. After the French capitulation in June 1940, she continued her service under Vichy France flag. When Germany occupied Vichy in November 1942, the Kriegsmarine confiscated the trawler. She was refitted as an an uboat hunter and assigned to 22. Ubootjagd Flotille in Marseilles under command of Leutnant zur see Otto Pollmann. While patrolling the waters outside Italy, she came on contact with four British torpedo boats outside Deiva Marina at night 28. October 1944. She was hit by a torpedo from MTB 419 and broke in two parts. The wreck rest today in two parts on a depth of 44 to 64 meter outside Framura. Also see the wrecks of UJ 2207, UJ 2208 and UJ 2216 from 22. Ubootjagd Flotille.

Former names:
UJ 2210
218,6 x 34,5 x 16,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1152 grt
St. Nazaire ( F ) 1932
Marseilles ( F )

Last updated: January 2021