UJ 2216 - Eros II


Eros II was built as a yacht for Henri de Rothschild in Leith, and was launched in 1926. With the tensions raising before world war two she was requisitioned by the French navy, given the designation AD 227, then AD 196, stationed in Corsica and North Africa. and running diplomatic missions. Later she got refitted with a 100mm gun as renamed P-140 and did escort duty after the outbreak of the war. After the French surrender in 1940, she was in Casablanca and came under the Vichy government control, and was renamed L'Comprise. She continued her patrol and escort duty, until the Germans occupied Vichy in November 1942. Vichy transferred her to Kriegsmarine and she was refitted as a uboat hunter and assigned to 22. Ubootjagd Flotille in Marseilles. UJ 2216 came under command of Oberleutnant Hanekamp and stood ready for duty in September 1943. Outside La Spezia she came in contact with enemy MTB's, possible American PT boats, 14.September 1944, and was sunk by gunfire and two torpedo hits that made the depth charges stored in her stern to go off. Six men died, and seventeen were missing from the crew after the fight. The wreck rest today west of Punta Negra on a depth of 45 to 57 meter. Also see the wrecks of UJ 2207, UJ 2208 and UJ 2210 from 22. Ubootjagdflotille.

Former names:
UJ 2216
Eros II, AD-227, AD-196,P-140, L'Comprise
65,1 x 9,8 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
916 displ ( std )
Leith ( UK ) 1926
Marseilles ( F )

Picture: UJ 2216
Unknown photographer

Last updated: January 2021