HMS Urge


HMS Urge was laid down as a U class submarine at Vickers Armstrong in October 1939, and was launched in August 1940 for the Royal Navy. She was commissioned in 1941 in 10th Submarine Flotilla in Malta, and last commander was Lieutenant Commander Edward P. Tomkinson. She damaged and sunk several Italian vessels during her nineteen war patrols, including the battleship Vittorio Veneto who was torpedoed and damaged at the battle of Sirte in December 1941. She left Malta 27. April 1942, bound for Alexandria in Egypt with ten passengers, never to be seen again. It's believed she hit a mine laid out by German S-boots from 3. Schnellboot Flottille. The wreck was found in the summer 2019 with sonar imaging, and was later confirmed with a ROV on a depth of 130 meter two nautical miles outside Malta. The bow section has significant damage, which support the theory she hit a mine.

Former names:
HMS Urge
N 17
191,0 x 16,1 x 15,2 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
540 displ ( surfaced ) Barroow-In-Furness ( UK ) 1940 Malta ( MT )

Picture: HMS Urge, Imperial War Museum
Courtesy of Imperial War Museum
FL 3433 , Public domain

Last updated: November 2020