HMS Victoria


HMS Victoria was laid down in 1887 and put in service for Royal Navy under command of Vice Admiral Sir George Tryon as flagship in the Mediterranean fleet in 1889. Four years later she sails together with HMS Camperdown outside Tripoli in Lebanon to exercise maneuverability 22. June 1893 They are given order to do a 180 degree turn towards each other even if it seems that there are no space for such a maneuver. After objections from officers on Victoria and a certain doubt from Rear Admiral Markham on Camperdown, the exercise start. When the ships approaches each other, they see that a collision is inevitable. HMS Camperdown`s bow hit Victoria on her starboard side and tear open her hull. She immediately get a dangerous listing to starboard. Thirteen minutes after the collision she disappears in the deep and takes Tyron and 358 men from the crew with her. The wreck was discovered in August 2005 by Christian Francis who had been searching for this wreck since 1994. The wreck stands upright on a depth of 75 to 140 meter outside Tripoli.

Former names:
HMS Victoria

340,0 x 70,0 x 27,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
10470 displ Elswick ( UK ) 1887 Alexandria ( UK )

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" Lebanese-Austrian diver Christian Francis had researched the wreck and had been conducting a search since 1994. Information from local fishermen about an unusual obstruction rich in fish helped lead Francis to the wreck's position. He first dived the wreck along with British diver Mark Ellyatt on 22 August"