The steamer America was laid down as a package freighter at Detroit Dry Dock Company, and was completed in April 1898. She was extensively used on Lake Michigan until she was sold in 1902 to the company Booth Steamship company and transferred to Lake Superior. In 1909 she was sold to Booth Fisheries Company , and two years later she was slightly lengthened and was re-measured to 937 gross tons.  In the morning 6.June 1928 she hit a reef outside Washington harbor, and when the captain tried to save the situation, they hit another reef. The wreck rest today on a depth of one to twenty meters close to shore in Washington harbor and the North Gap, on the southwestern part of Isle Royale.

Former names:

182,6 x 31,0 x 11,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
  937grt / 593 nrt
Detroit ( US ) 1898
( US )

47°53′37.9″N 89°13′20.5″W
( Source: Wikipedia )

Picture: America
Courtesy of Great Lake Ships, Public domain

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