Andrea Doria

Rhode Island,USA

Andrea Doria collided with the Swedish freighter Stockholm late at night 25.July 1956 outside Nantucket in heavy fog. She had 1706 passengers on board and 46 people perished in the accident. But due to good rescue work and help from several other ships who came to assist, loss of more loss was prevented. It took eleven hours from the collision before she disappeared in the deep The accident was broadcasted in the media worldwide, and Andrea Doria became quite infamous that night, and in the wweks to come. The wreck of the Italian Lines flagship rest today on her starboard side on a depth of approximately 55 to 75 meter southeast of Rhode Island, near the Nantucket lighthouse.

Former names:
Andrea Doria

213,8 x 27,5 x ? m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
29100 grt Ansaldo ( I ) 1951 Genoa ( I )

40°29.405' - 69°52.028' AWOIS
( Source : New Jersey Scuba Diving )

Picture: Andrea Doria
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