HMCS Annapolis

British Colombia,Canada

HMCS Annapolis, the second ship to bear that name, was laid down at Halifax Shipyards Ltd in September 1961, and was launched in April 1963. Originally designed as a Annapolis class destroyer, she was altered during construction to the St .Laurent class.  After sea trials and completion, she entered service in the Canadian navy in December 1964. She was modernized in the 1980s, participated in the blockade of Haiti in 1994. But after long and faithful service, she was decommissioned two years later and put in reserve. In 1998 she was sold to Artificial Reef Society of British Colombia , and after legal disputes and long delays, she was sunk as an artificial reef in Halkett Bay on Gambier Island 4.April 2015. The wreck rest today on her keel as a classic Donald Duck wreck on a depth of ten to thirty meters.

Former names:
DDH 265
366,0 x 42,0 x 23,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3420 displ ( std )
Halifax ( CA ) 1963
( CA )

Picture: HMCS Annapolis
Courtesy of Government of Canada

Last updated: December 2020