USS Arizona

Hawaii,North America

USS Arizona was laid down at Brooklyn Navy Yard in March 1914 and launched in June 1915. She was a Pennsylvania super dreadnaught class battleship and was put in service in 1916, but never participated in any operations during world war one. She was sent to the Mediterranean in 1919, but was thereafter transferred to the Pacific Fleet in California. In 1929-1930 she was modernized and in 1940 the whole fleet was transferred to Pearl Harbor. Under the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 7.December 1941 she laid at Battleship Row and was hit by a bomb in one of her powder magazines and an explosion literally tore the mighty ship apart. She sank partly submerged shortly after and was on fire for two days. 1177 people died on the Arizona. The super structure and main gun turrets were later removed and today the wreck rest on a depth of 12 meter and is considered a war grave.

Former names:
USS Arizona
608,0 x 106,3 x 33,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
34204 displ
New york ( US ) 1915
Pearl Harbor ( US )

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Picture: USS Arizona, New York in 1916
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