Carthaginian II


Mary was laid down as a two masted schooner by Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft in Kiel, and was launched in 1920. She was sold two years later to Danish owners and renamed Familiens Haab, then the following years to Sweden where she was renamed Komet. She operated in the Baltic Sea  until she was decommissioned in 1970. Due to the loss of the original whaling museum ship Carthaginian in Hawaii, the company had to find a replacement and bought Komet in 1973. She was renamed to Carthaginian II and served as a floating whaling museum in Lahaina Harbor from 1980. In 2003 she was sold to be scuttled as a dive and tourist attraction, and 13. December 2005 she was towed out of the harbor and scuttled near Puemana Beach. The wreck rest today on her keel on a depth of 30 to 35 meter.

Former names:
Carthaginian II
Mary, Familiens Haab, Komet
98,0 x 22,0 x 6,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
130 grt
Kiel ( D ) 1920
( US )

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