City of Rio De Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro was a passenger steamer laid down by John Roach & Sons in Chester in Pennsylvania, and was launched in March 1878 for United States & Brazil Mail Steamship Company. She was renamed after launch to City of Rio De Janeiro, and was sold three years later to Pacific Mail Steamship Company. On her way back to San Francisco loaded with passengers and metal, she hit ground outside Fort Point under heavy fog and sank 22, January 1901. She sank in less than ten minutes and claimed the lives of 128 people. The wreck was found in the 1980's, and mapped by sonar in a joint operation with NOAA in November 2014. The wreck rest today on a depth of 87 to 98 meter partly buried in mud and sediments west of Golden Gate.

Former names:
City of Rio De Janeiro

345,0 x 38,6 x 19,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3548 grt
Chester ( US ) 1878
San Francisco ( US )

37°48'47.6"N 122°29'19.1"W
( Source: California Divers )

Picture: City of Rio De Janeiro
Courtesy of San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park

Last updated: February 2021