Melville Jacoby was a was a Liberty ship laid down by Walsh-Kaiser Company in Providence, and was launched in January 1944 for the US Maritime Commission. She was sold after Second World War Two to Panama, where she changed names a couple of times before she sailed as Dominator. Under a journey from Vancouver to Los Angeles loaded with wheat and beef she hit ground and was stuck at Palos Verdes after a navigational error in heavy fog 13. March 1961. Her exposed position slowly grinded her down, and salvage was done on the abandoned wreck. The battered wreck debris rest today partly visible on shore and down to a depth of 10 meter at Palos Verdes Point. Also see the wreck of the former passenger steamer Avalon.

Former names:
Melville Jacoby, Victoria,
North Queen
441,6 x 57,0 x 27,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
7255 grt
Providence ( US ) 1944
Panama ( PA )

33°46'26.8"N 118°25'42.3"W

Last updated: January 2021