M-48 Patton


The battle tank M 48 Patton has participated in 15 different wars through history, and was built for US Army between 1950 and early 1990's. Some are still even used today, in other countries. After a long and faithful service most of them were scrapped, but a few were sunk as artificial reefs outside the US coastline. At Key Biscayne in Florida a few of these once so mighty tanks stand nicely parked on a depth of approximately 15 meter.

Former names:

30,6 x 12,0 x 10,2 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
49,6 tons
( US )
( US )
N 25 48.672 W 80 5.450 & N 25 48 40.320 W 80 5 27.00
( Source: Joseph Labara )

Picture: M48 A5
Courtesy of Tank Encyclopedia

Last updated: August 2019