M-48 Patton

Florida,North America

The battle tank M 48 Patton has participated in 15 wars through history, and was built for US Army between 1950 and up till the early 1990s. Some are still even used today,in other countries. After a long and faithful service most of them were scrapped, but a few were sunk as artificial reefs outside the US coastline. At Key Biscayne in Florida a few of this once so mighty tanks stand nicely placed on a depth of 15 meter. Below on this page, locations of two different sports are given, both including a few M-48s.

Former names:

30,6 x 12,0 x 10,2 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
49,6 tons
( US )
( US )

N 25 48.672 W 80 5.450 &
N 25 48 40.320 W 80 5 27.00
( Source: Joseph Labara )

Picture: M48 (A5)
Courtesy of Tank Encyclopedia

Last updated: August 2019