USS Monitor

North Carolina,USA

USS Monitor was built by Continental Iron Works and was launched 30.January 1862. She became famous after the battle against the Confederate monitor CSS Virginia under the Battle of Hampton Roads 9. March 1862. Both monitors were damaged, but the battle itself ended indecisive. She sank under tow outside Cape Hatteras under a storm 31. December that same year. The wreck was found in August 1973 and rest today on a depth of 64 to 75 meter some fifteen nautical miles southeast of Cape Hatteras. Parts and different artifact's has been raised from the wreck and is today displayed at The Mariners Museum in Virginia. Also see the wrecks of the old monitors HMAS Cerberus in Australia,  Thor in Norway and the Russian Rusalka in the Baltic Sea.

Former names:
USS Monitor

179,0 x 41,6 x 106 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
987 grt
New York ( US ) 1862
( US )

Painting: The Battle of Hampton Roads in 1862
US. Naval History and Heritage Command, NH45973

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