North Carolina,USA

Charles M. Everest was a steam tanker laid down by Betlehem Shipbuilding Corporation and launched in 1918 for US Shipping Board. She was sold to Socony Vacuum Oil Company in New York after The Great War. In 1933 she was sold again and renamed to Naeco, sailing for Pennsylvania Shipping Company. Under a journey from Houston to New York loaded with barrels of heating oil and kerosene she was spotted and torpedoed by the German uboat U-124 under command of Korvettenkapitän Johann Mohr 23. March 1942. The flammable cargo immediately ignited and she was full ablaze before she broke in two parts and disappeared in the deep. 24 men lost their lives in the sinking. The battered wreck rest today on a depth of 37 to 45 meter east of Wilmington.

Former names:
Charles M. Everest
130,5 x 16,2 x 7,9 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5373 grt
Betlehem ( US ) 1918
Philadelphia ( US )

GPS: N34° 01.520' W76° 38.878
( Source : NC Wreckdiving )

Last updated: December 2020