USS New Jersey

North Carolina,USA

USS New Jersey was a Virginia class battleship laid down by Fore River Shipyard in Quincy in May 1902. She was launched in November 1904. She was commissioned two years later and was assigned to the Atlantic fleet. She participated in the second occupation of Cuba in 1906 and the Jamestown Expedition the following year. She then sailed around the world and returned to US soil in 1909. She took part in the Mexican Revolution and was used as a training vessel during World War One. She was decommissioned n August 1923 and used as a target ship under weapons testing the month after. She disappeared in the deep 5. September 1923 after being bombed by American Martin NSB-1 airplanes. The wreck rest today upside down on a depth of 95 meter at Diamond Shoals.

Former names:
USS Ney Jersey
BB - 16
441,0 x 76,3 x 23,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
14948 grt
Quincy ( US ) 1904
( US )

Picture: USS New Jersey in 1906
Courtesy of US Navy, Public domain

Last updated: December 2018