Norman was a cargo steamer built by Globe Iron Works in Cleveland, and was launched i 1890 for Menominee Steamship Company. Under a journey from Ashtabula to Escanaba loaded with coal, she collided with the Canadian steamer Jack and sank 30. May 1895. She disappeared in the deep within a few minutes and three people lost their lives in the accident. The wreck was found in 1986 and rest today on her keel east of Presque Isle Harbor, north of Thunder Bay on a depth of 60 to 65 meter. Also the wreck of the steamer Florida.

Former names:

295,6 x 40,4 x21,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2304 grt
Cleveland ( US ) 1890
Cleveland ( US )
45°18'40.0"N 83°16'42.1"W

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