Orizaba was a combined passenger and cargo steamer laid down by John Roach & Sons in Chester in Pennsylvania, and was launched in November 1889 for New York & Cuba Mail Steamship Company. She was sold in 1906 to Northwestern Steamship Company and renamed Northwestern. Two years later she was taken over by Alaska Steamship Company in Seattle, and she spent her career sailing in northern waters until she was taken out of service in 1937. She was taken over by US Shipping Board who used her as a floating power station and dormitory in Dutch Harbor in 1940. Under a Japanese air raid  4. June 1942 she was bombed and set on fire, and burned for several days inside the harbor. The heavily damaged hulk was towed of out the harbor in 1945 and anchored up in Captains Bay where she sank the year after. The propeller was salvaged in 1992 and is today exhibited at Unalaska Memorial Park & Cemetery. The wreck rest today in Captains Bay with her bow partly visible on the surface and down to a depth of 10 meter.

Former names:
336,0 x 42,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3497 grt
Chester ( US ) 1889
New York ( US )

53°49'50.1"N 166°36'36.2"W

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