Queen of Nassau


The steamer CGS Canada was built by Vickers in England, and was launched in 1904. She did service as guard boat and training ship in the Canadian navy and was armed with four Maxim machine guns. After the outbreak of World War One she was refitted with a few small caliber cannons. In 1925 she was sold to Nassau and renamed Queen of Nassau. On a journey to Tampa she developed a leak and sank outside Key Largo 2. July 1926. The wreck was found by divers in 2001 and rest today on a depth of 65 meter about four nautical miles outside Islamorada.

Former names:
Queen of Nassau
CGS / HMCS  Canada
62,8 x 7,7 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
411 grt
Barrow ( UK ) 1904
Nassau ( BS )

GPS: 24 47.165 N 080 39.546 W
( Source: Neptun Dive )

Last updated: November 2014