The German freighter Rhein was at the outbreak of world war two in Tampico in Mexico. After being laid at anchor for months, they decided to break out and set course for Germany through the waters of neutral America. They were pursued by American naval ships despite the fact that the country was still neutral. 11. December 1940 they were "accidentally" spotted by the Dutch sloop HNLMS Van Kinsbergen that fired warning shots to stop her. The crew put her on fire and prepared to scuttle her, and while she was full ablaze in flames the English light cruiser HMS Caradoc also arrived. The cruiser fired over twenty shots with their 6" guns after they had taken the crew as prisoners of war, and she soon disappeared in the deep. The wreck was found in 1991 and rest today on a depth of 40 meter at Dry Tortugas some 70 nautical miles northwest of Key West.

Former names:
453,8 x 58,2 x 24,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
6031 grt
Bremen ( D ) 1926
Hamburg ( D )

Illustration: HAPAG Poster in 1900
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