USS Schurz

North Carolina,USA

SMS Geier was a Bussard class unprotected cruiser laid down at Kaiserliche Werft in Wilhlemshaven in 1893. She was launched in October 1894 and was commissioned one year later. She was assigned to overseas stations and spent much of her career on tours in the Pacific, Americas and Africa. In 1900 she sailed to the German colony in Tsingtao and helped with suppressing the Boxer Rebellion. After the outbreak of The Great War in August 1914, she sat course for Europe but was due to mechincal problems forced to seek harbour in Hawaii and internet for the rest of the war. After the USA entry on the Entente side in 1917, she was confiscated by US Navy and renamed USS Schurz. She served as a convoy escort until she collided with the steamer Florida outside Cape Lookout  21. June 1918 and sank. The remains of her rest today on a depth of 30 to 35 meter southeast of Morehead City and Atlantic Beach in North Carolina.

Former names:
USS Schurz
SMS Geier

Tons: Built: Home Port:

Wilhelmshaven ( D )
( US )

34° 11′ 13.08″ N, 76° 36′ 7.62″ W

Picture: USS Schurz in 1917
Curtesy of US Navy NH94909, Public domain

Last updated: February 2021