North Carolina,USA

The steamer Amassia was built by Neptun Werft AG in Rostock, and was launched in 1920 for the company HAPAG. She was sold in 1937 and renamed Maceio, and taken over by Lloyds Brasileiro in Rio De Janeiro in 1941 and renamed Suloide. Under a Journey from Trinidad to New York loaded with manganese, she sailed straight into the submerged wreck of the tanker W.E Hutton that had been sunk by the German uboat U-124 the year before. She developed a leak and went down in the deep 26. March 1943. The battered wreck rest today on a depth of 20 meter, not far from the wreck of W.E Hutton outside Cape Lookout.

Former names:

103,2 x 14,7 x 6,4 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3235 grt
Rostock ( D ) 1920
Rio de Janeiro ( BR )

34°32'41.24 N, 76°53'41.96 W
( Source: NOAA )

Picture: Suloide
Courtesy of John Hawes, DD Group

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