USS Tarpon

North Carolina,USA

USS Tarpon was a Porpoise-class submarine laid down at Electric Boat Company in Groton in December 1933. She was launched in September 1935 and commissioned the year after. She served in the Pacific during World War Two and earned herself seven Battle Stars for her service. She was was transferred to the Reserve fleet in November 1945, but two years later she was again put in service, this time as a training boat. In 1956 her career ended, and she was stricken from the navy lists. The year after she was taken in tow to be scrapped, but underway she started to flood and sank outside Cape Hatteras 26. August 1957. The wreck rest today on her keel on a depth of 38 til 43 meter northeast of Cape Lookout.

Former names:
USS Tarpon
SS-175, USS P-4
287,0 x 25,7 x 13,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1316 displ ( surfaced )
Groton ( USA ) 1935
New Orleans ( USA )

34°45'11.42"N, 75°46'0.16"W
( Source : Monitor National Marine Sanctuary )

Picture: USS P4 in 1937
Courtesy of US Navy, Public domain

Last updated: January 2021