USTS Texas Clipper


USS Queens was built by Bethlehem Steel Corporation as an assault transport for the US Navy. She was launched in September 1944 and assigned to the Pacific where she served until June 1946. She was sold to American Export Lines in November 1948 and renamed Excambion, and six years later she was chartered by Texas Maritime Academy as USTS Texas Clipper. After decades of service she was transferred to Texas Parks & Wildlife in 2006 and rigged down. The year after she was towed out and scuttled as an artificial reef outside South Padre Island 17. November 2007. She rest today on her port side on a depth of 20 to 42 meter, about seventeen nautical miles off South Padre Island.

Former names:
USTS Texas Clipper
USS Queens, APA 103, Excambion
473,1 x 66,0 x 25,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
7970 displ
Maryland  ( US ) 1944
( US )

26 11' 24.695"N 96 51' 40.238"W
( Source: Aquanauts Dive )

Picture: Texas Clipper
Courtesy of Navsource & David Nixon

Last updated: December 2020