Theodore Parker

North Carolina,USA

Theodore Parker was a Liberty ship laid down by California Shipbuilding Company in January 1943, and was launched 24. February 1943 for US Maritime Commission. She completed several Atlantic convoys delivering war material to Europe under Second World War, and was damaged by a mine in November 1944. After repairs and the end of the war, she was laid up in the Merchant Marine Reserve Fleet. She was rigged down and scuttled as an artificial reef outside North Carolina 4. June 1974. The wreck rest today standing on her keel on a depth of 8 to 17 meter south of Atlantic Beach outside Morehead City.

Former names:
Theodore Parker
441,0 x 57,0 x 37,3
Tons: Built: Home Port:
7191 grt
Los Angeles ( US ) 1943
( US )

34°40'21.0"N 76°44'43.0"W

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