USS Thomson


USS Thompson was a Clemson class destroyer laid down by Bethlehem Steel Corporation in September 1918. She was launched in January 1919 and commissioned in August 1920. She never saw any action in combat, and spent all her career doing official tours, training and maneuvers on the west coast and the South Americas. She was decommissioned in April 1930 and sold to a private company who used  her as a floating restaurant in San Fransisco until US Navy re-purchased her in February 1944. She was beached in San Fransisco bay and used as a target by both Navy and Army airplanes. The battered wreck is still visible on the surface outside Coyote Hills Regional Park.

Former names:
USS Thomson
314,4 x 30,1 x 9,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1308 displ ( std )
San Fransisco ( US ) 1919
( US )

37°33'11.6"N 122°09'27.2"W

Picture: USS Thomson in the 1920's
Courtesy of US Navy NH72598, Public domain

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