U 166

Gulf of Mexico,USA

After the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and the undeclared war against USA 7. December 1941, Adolf Hitler quickly followed up with declaring war on USA. Admiral Dönitz and the Kriegsmarine soon launched their Operation Paukenschlag, the attack on merchant shipping on the US east coast. U-166 was launched in November 1941 and was a large ocean going type IXC uboat. In June 1942 under command of Oberleutnant Hans-Günther Kuhlman ( also see his former ill fated U 580 ) she stood ready for duty. She left Lorient in France 17. June 1942, and sat course for the US east coast. Between 11. July and 30. July, they managed to sink four American merchant vessels, including Robert E. Lee. After the sinking of Lee, she was spotted by a Grumman aircraft from the US Navy and sunk by a depth charge. U 166 went down in the deep with all hands lost. The wreck was discovered in May 2001 on a depth of 15oo meter, not far from the wreck of Robert E. Lee. The wreck was filmed and documented, and declared a war grave.

Former names:
U 166

251,1 x 22,2 x 31,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1100 displ ( surfaced ) Bremen ( D ) 1941 Lorient ( F )

28°41 N 88°42 W
( Source: Uboat.net)
Picture:  U 805, Type IXC class uboat
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