U 215

Nova Scotia,Canada

U 215 was a type VII D mine laying uboat built by Krupp Germaniawerft in Kiel, and was launched in October 1941. She was commissioned as a training boat in 4. Flotille one month later under command of Korvettenkapitän Fritz Hoeckner. She was assigned as a front boat in 9. Flotille in Brest, and sailed out on her first war patrol in July 1942. She torpedoed and sunk the American Liberty ship Alexander Macomb 3. July 1942, but was spotted and sunk with all hands lost by depth charges from the British Navy trawler HMS Le Tiger. The wreck was found in July 2004 and rest today in open waters on a depth of 82 meter south of Nova Scotia.

Former names:
U 215

252,4 x 20,1 x 31,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
965 displ ( Surfaced )
Kiel ( D ) 1941
Brest ( F )

41°28'47.9"N 66°22'47.9"W

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