U 352

North Carolina,USA

U 352 was a type VIIC uboat laid down at Flensburger Sciffsbau in March 1940. She was launched in May 1941 and put under command Käpitanleutnant Hellmut Ratke. In February 1942 she was transferred to St. Nazaire in France and sent on a patrol as a front boat on the US east coast. They tried to torpedo what they believed was a coastal freighter outside Cape Hatteras 9. May 1942, but both torpedoes missed their target. This ship turned out to be the coast guard ship USS Icarus who immediately turned around and engaged the uboat. She launched five depth charges that destroyed the conning tower on U 352, and after additional two near misses by depth charges, Hellmut Rathke was forced to give the order to surface. Orders to abandon ship was given, and while the crew tried to abandon ship, USS Icarus opened fire. Fifteen men of were gunned down and the rest taken prisoners of war. The wreck was found in 1975 on a depth of 30 to 35 meter southeast of Morehead City.

Former names:
U 352

67,1 x 6,2 x 4,7 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
769 displ. ( Surfaced ) Flensburg ( D ) 1940 ( D )

34°13'40.98" N 76°33'53.64" W

Picture: U 352
Courtesy of Uboat.net

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