U 550

Massachusetts,North America

The German Kriegsmarines U 550 was a type IXC/40 uboat laid down at Deutche Werft A.G in Hamburg in October 1942. She was launched in May 1943, and was commissioned two months later, entering service in 4.Flotille for training. In February 1944 she was transferred to 10.Flotille in Lorient in France. U550 only did one war patrol and managed to torpedo and sink the American tanker Pan Pennsylvania outside Nantucuket. She was soon after forced to surface by depth charges from the American destroyer escorts USS Gandy, Joyce and Peterson east of New York 16.April 1944. After the uboat surfaced, she was sunk by gun fire from the American escorts. Only twelve men from the uboat survived the sinking. The wreck was found in 2012 south of Nantucket and rest today in open waters on a depth of approx 100 meters.

Former names:
U 550

251,1 x 22,6 x 31,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1144 displ ( surfaced ) Hamburg ( D ) 1942 Lorient ( F )

Picture:  U 805, German Type IXC/40 uboat
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