U 85

North Carolina,USA

U 85 was a VIIB type uboat laid down at Flender Werke in Lübeck in December 1939. She was launched in April 1941 and
assigned two months later to 3. Unterseeboot Flotille under command of Oberleutnant Eberhard Greger. She was given orders to participate in Operation Pauchenslag, the assault on merchant shipping on the American east coast. U 85 got the doubtful honor of being the first uboat sunk in this area when she came under fire from the destroyer USS Roper 14. April 1942. U 85 was forced to surface, and the American destroyer attacked her on the surface. The crew started to abandon ship, but USS Roper didn't hold their fire and continued shooting with machine-guns and depth charges. They left the area soon after and when they returned the following morning, they found only dead Germans floating in the water. The wreck of U 85 rest today on a depth of 25 to 30 meter about four nautical miles east of Nags Head.

Former names:
U 85

66,5 x 6,2 x 4,7 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
753 displ ( surfaced ) Lübeck ( D ) 1939 ( D )

35°54'48.28" N  75°17'12.98" W

Picture of U- 48, a type VIIB uboat
  Courtesy of uboat.net

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