USS Oriskany


USS Oriskany was a an Essex class aircraft carrier laid down by Brooklyn Naval Yard in May 1944. She was launched in October 1945 and commissioned five years later. She participated in both the Korean War in and the Vietnam War before she was taken out of service in 1976. She earned herself twelve battle stars for her service. She was transferred to the Reserve fleet where she stayed until 1989 when she was stricken from the US Navy lists. In 2004 she was transferred to State of Florida to be scuttled as an artificial reef. Oriskany became the first major American warship to be given to this program. In March 2006 she was towed to Florida, and 17. May 2006 everything was set for the sinking. Explosives were placed around the hull and 37 minutes after the detonations she disappeared in the deep. The wreck  rest today standing on her keel asa classic Donald Duck wreck on a depth of 24 to 64 meter south of Pensacola.

Former names:
USS Oriskany
CV / CVA-34 888,0 x 129,0 x 30,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
30800 displ ( std ) New York ( US ) 1944 ( US )

30° 02.555’ N 087° 00.397’ W
( Source: Florida Dive Trail )

Picture: USS Oriskany & Bon Homme in 1970
Courtesy of US Navy, No.

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