W. E. Hutton

North Carolina,USA

W.E Hutton was an cargo freighter laid down by Betlehem Fairfield Shipbuilding Corporation in Alemeda, California. She was launched for the US Shipping board in 1920, where she served for three years. She was bought by the company Pure Oil Steamship Companyin 1923, and renamed W.E Hutton and refitted as a petroleum tanker. Under a journey from Smiths Bluff in Texas to Marcus Hook in Pennsylvania loaded with heating oil, she was spotted by the German uboat U 124 outside Cape Lookout late at night 18. March 1942. She was hit by two torpedoes and went down in the deep in a hail of fire. The wreck was considered a hazard to shipping, and the year after the merchant steamer Suloide sank after a collision with her wreck. Large parts of the wreck was later demolished to clear the ship lane. The battered remains of her rest today in two parts on a depth of 20 to 35 meter outside Cape Lookout near Beaufort.

Former names:
W. E. Hutton
Portola Plumas 435,0 x 56,0 x 27,3 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
7076 grt Alemeda ( US ) 1920 Baltimore ( US )

34°8'37.2912 N  76°39'8.4666 W
( Source: NOAA )

Picture: W E Hutton
Courtesy of NC Wreckdiving

Last updated: November 2017