W. E. Hutton

North Carolina,North America

W.E Hutton was built in Alemeda and launched in 1920. She was an oil tanker that was torpedoed by the German uboat U 124 at night 18.March 1942. She was on a voyage from Smiths Bluff in Texas to Marcus Hook in Pennsylvania loaded with oil when she was hit by two torpedoes. She went down in a hail of fire. Big parts of the wreck was later demolished to keep the ship lane open, and today the remains of Hutton rest on a depth of 20 to 35 meter outside Cape Lookout near Beaufort.

Former names:
W. E. Hutton
Portola Plumas 435,0 x 56,0 x 27,3 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
7076 grt Alemeda ( US ) 1920 Baltimore ( US )

34°8'37.2912" N  76°39'8.4666" W

Picture: W E Hutton
Courtesy of NC Wreckdiving