USS Wilkes-Barre


USS Wilkes-Barre was a Cleveland class light cruiser laid down at New York Shipbuilding Corporation in December 1942. She was launched in December 1943 and was commissioned seven months later. She participated in the US Task Force 38 and 58, and earned herself four Battle Stars under Second World War. She was taken out of active service in October 1947 and transferred to the Reserve Fleet. She was stricken from the US Navy lists in 1971, and was used as a target ship and sunk under testing of underwater explosives 12. May 1972. The wreck rest today in two parts on a depth of 42 to 75 meter north of Key West in Florida.

Former names:
USS Wilkes-Barre
CL 103
610,1 x 66,4 x 25,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
11800 grt
New Jersey ( US ) 1943
( US )

24° 36′ 36.36″ N, 81° 45′ 46.8″ W

Picture: USS Wilkes-Barre
Courtesy of
US Navy, Public domain

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